Perhaps you’ve thought how wonderful it would be if you could create a holiday that had everything arranged exactly as you would wish, with your own time-scale, ideal destinations, an inspiring itinerary, the kind of hotels you love best and travel without a group or Tour Manager.

If so, then TagAlbania is ready to make that dream holiday come true.

Please, let us assist you, organize your trip, and build your itinerary. You already have enough to do in your day-to-day life without worrying about the details of your long-awaited vacation. Tailor-made travel is designed to suit your individual wants and needs in all aspects of travel and to safe you lots and lots of time and headache. You explain to us what your ideal vacation would look like. Then, we put our local knowledge and expertise to work building you a dream come true, reassuring the accommodation you will be staying at will match your standards.

Collaborate with us, and our team of expert travel designers will create your dream vacation in Albania. Using our knowledge, expertise and passion for everything the Land of Eagles has to offer, we’ll work hand in hand with you to build an exclusive and unique adventure.